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Flyball Practice
10-28-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops
KCA - Kern Canine Activities

Team and Newbie Practice

DESSERT with the DEAD @Bakersfield Historic Union Cemetery
10-28-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops
Bakersfield Friends

This Event is through the Levan Institute of Bakersfield College. It sounds a like fun and interesting walk,talk  and dessert all in the Halloween spirit. You must get your ticket on-line @...

K.C. 32-46 Set Up Your Own Practice Dates!
10-28-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops

PRACTICE DATING! Kern County AGE RANGE: 32-46 This Meetup group's age ranges are 18-32 .  25-39 .  32-46 .  39-53 .  46-60 .  53+ Please RSVP "Yes" for the age range(s) that best suit(s) your preferences. PLEASE NOTE: The date and...

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