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K9 Fitness Starters

KCA - Kern Canine Activities

FOR SPORT DOGS AND PET DOGSImprove your relationship with your K9 pal and get the added benefits of:-Improved core strength-Improved balance-Increased flexibility and range of motion-Clarity and Confidence-Increased overall body awareness-Reduce...

K9 Fitness

KCA - Kern Canine Activities

K9 FITNESS CONDITIONING AND STRENGTH TRAINING FOR SPORT DOGS AND PET DOGS +Build core strength +Improve balance +Increase flexibility and range of motion +Build Clarity and Confidence +Increase overall body awareness +Reduce the risk of injury;...

Cash Flow 101 at the Library

Bakersfield Cashflow Club - Get Out of the Rat Race!

We are proud to finally offer a meeting on a weekend. Saturday is a perfect time to join us for another fun session of game play and education. We will be going over the rules and start game play promptly at 10a. The meeting is open to you and...

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